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Anyone interested in RPing?


Ade Due Dambella, give me the power I beg of you.
Happy birthday to Luke Skywalker, himself, Mark Hamill.
Behold, the voice of Dipper Pines, Jason Ritter.

embedded_item1474584536336 by SonSilvShad18
Well it looks like Zootopia's on Netflix, I guess I got something other than Daredevil and Flash to watch.
Name a movie that you like, but almost everyone else hates.
And so today I've concluded my Marvel Cinematic Marathon with Ant-Man. I started it back on May 6th, the same day Captain America 3: Civil War came out. Boy was this an awesome look back at the MCU. Can't wait to get Civil War on Christmas. 😊
In contrast to my last status update, name something bad about these TD episodes (P.S. there are a few repeats from that one):

Backstabbers Ahoy
Moon Madness
Little Bull on the Prairie
2008: A Space Owen
Ocean's Eight or Nine
The Final Wreckon-ing
Picnic at hanging dork
You Regatta be kidding me
The bold and the booty-ful
I see London
Blast from the Past
Chefshank Redemption
The Ex-files
Monster Cash
Name something good about these TD episodes:

Zeke and Ye shall find
Hook, line, and screamer
I see London
The Ex-files
Haute Camp-ture
The Aftermath 4
The Final Wreckon-ing
Sweden Sour
The Ah-Ah-Amazon Race
Beach Blanket Bogus
Runaway Model
Scarlett Fever
Phobia Factor
3:10 to Crazytown
I love Rionc & Roll
A million ways to lose a million dollars
The very last episode really
Not Quite Famous
Just an hour ago I got finished with watching the original A Nightmare on Elm Street, it was pretty damn good, especially Freddy who was purely terrifying. Although I must say that after watching it, I still prefer Friday the 13th over it, no offense, and I guess you could say that I'm quite the Jason Junkie, and I would also consider myself a Freddy Fan.

If I have anything left to say, it's this, Rest In Peace, Wes Craven.
Time for another profile pic change, what do you guys think? :D
R.I.P. the victims of 9/11. Today marks the 15th anniversary of the disaster.
Me: *goes on Netflix* Oh boy, Supergirl's on Netflix. 😊
Me: *also sees that Catwoman is on Netflix* WTF is this doing here? 😐
A Hearth's Warming Tale is probably my favorite episode of season 6 so far.
So, Civil War comes out on DVD on the 13th, I wonder if that's also the number of an agent who rustled a lot of jimmies of Stucky fans when she went mouth to mouth with a certain Mr. Rogers. EVIL Laughter! 
Anyone remember how when Sanders and MacArthur were first introduced? Sanders came down a rope from a building, and of course being the badass she is MacArthur broke through a window at the bottom of that same building, like she was Batman. Pretty hardcore, right?
Twilight: "This plate represents your head, this spoon is your heart and the knives.... are sharp. Always be careful with knives"

Already one minute in and I'm enjoying this episode.
Just curious but.... has anyone ever heard of the Superior Spider-man?
Honestly, I can't believe I've been back in the TD fandom for like over a year now. And about a year ago, I was shipping Doey as my OTP as opposed to Gwuncan, but now, it's like at number 4 or 5.

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